Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend in the country

What a weekend. It too me until today to write about it. lol/. We had a great 2 days in the country visiting our friend Warren. For those of you who were at our wedding, he's the one who hitchhiked to play accordian. He's an awesome friend and it was his birthdya on Thursday. He comes to the city lots to see us, but up until the weekend, we hadn't made it out there.
as we drove, we noticed how GREEN everything was going out of the city. The city was still dead after winter, it is now green but the country was glowing. So beautiful. This was also our first trip out of town since Argentina. So good to get out.
We got there and just hung out, played music, had a fire, saw and fed animals, Manuk ran and played and fed horses, it was awesome. It was beautiful and we all got tans as well, yippee !!!
Here are a few shots, but check out facebook if you want to see more pics.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spring is here, and life is busy

Well, things have been very busy lately. Good busy, but busy none the less.
I have been organizing a summer artisan market for Winnipeg. My friend and I am hosting a local artisans market to support local artists and artisans. We are going to have 4 sales over the summer. Everything is locally made and made by the vendors. No imports here folks. Buy local, reduce your carbon footprint.
Here is the poster. If you live in Winnipeg, check it out, it is going to be awesome.

On a lighter note, here are a few pics of the cuteness that is Manuk
Chilling in his own chair. He hangs out here lots

Manuk and daddy dancing, is his "Papi" vest. He likes to look like daddy

Manuk always loves carrying a baby around when we go to play group. Mom and I were garagesaleing (if that's a word) a few weekends ago and I was saying how I wanted to get a baby for Manuk to have at home. Mom ended up having my old baby, so we found him a new outfit. This is Manuk carrying his baby in a little backpack. Good boy, he is into baby wearing already. He will be such a good daddy one day.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A few photos

Manuk had his first dentist appointment today. He did so good. He showed his teeth off to the dentist and assistant. He has 16 teeth and they are all very healthy. Manuk got a tooth brush, toy car and balloon animal because he was so good. Here's the proof.

Thanks mom for sending me some photos of mothers day. Here they are everyone

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ready for summer

Well, I guess mom reads my blog because she sent me one picture from mothers day. Enjoy. (and thanks mom)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

Well, Mothers day has come and gone, and as I was downloading pictures on to my computer from my camera, I realised that at mothers day at mom and dad's, I was taking pictures with mom's camera. Shoot. Well mom, you will have to email me some photo's so I can post them.
Mothers day weekend started off on Saturday, with snow. Yup, that's right, snow ! Mom and I had planned on going to the Linden Woods and Whyte Ridge neighborhood garage sales on Saturday. Jacko was working. And being true Winnipegers, we still went. Manuk and Grandpa hung out from 10 am Saturday while mom and I went out for a good 5 hours. I little dissapointing as we ended up spending WAY less than we wanted, and brought home surprisingly few things, but got a few good deals and Manuk got some new toys and books and a spring coat. It was a lot of fun to hang out with mom all day and just have some grown up shopping time. Garage Saleing is about the only shopping I like to do (other than grocery shopping). After that, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Corbetts for coffee for a mothers day visit as well. It was really nice.
Mothers day started out very nice with Manuk sleeping in until 9:30. It was awesome, I got up with him at 9:30 a very rested mommy! Once we had our morning bottle (Manuk had the bottle, I have not started drinking in the morning, lol) and cuddle, I got to work baking bread for supper later on. I also got busy making 2 batches of puff wheat cake for Jacko's family get together that afternoon.
Jacko got up and we got ready to leave. Jacko and Manuk had a mothers day gift for me, 2 new Wilton baking sheets (professional quality) and 2 " 'Ove' Gloves " . http://www.ovenglove.net/. I was very excited about both things.
We got ready and headed out to Birds Hill to Jacko's aunt and uncles house for a family mothers day get together. It was a beautiful day.

There are always so many toys there for Manuk to play with. He loved it.

All the girls love him, and he doesn't seem to mind at all.
After that, we went to Mom and Dad's for supper. We had an awesome time, and ate awesome food. It was great to get together for such an awesome reason.
All the photo's from here are on mom's camera so I can't show them off, but trust me, it was a great time.
After that, we came home and went to bed, boy were we tired.
The next day it was another beautiful day and we were hanging out in the backyard with our neighbours, Pat and Shaunda, or as Mauk calls them, Baba and well, he doesn't call Shaunda anything but loves them a lot.
They were keeping Manuk entertained while I was making us all dinner and I guess playing dress up, one of Manuks favorite things. Here is how it turned out.

All in all, an awesome weekend was had by all !

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I bet you all thought I was gone again

Well, I but everyone thought that, that's it, Tara's not writing anymore. Well, here I am. I have been busy. We have been busy here with the usual, and then on Friday, my tooth broke while eating supper, which sucked. I am so thankful Jacko has 100% dental coverage at work. Friday we also had band practice. Then on Sat. we had the accupuncture written exams across Canada, which I had to vigilate (I am still debating whether this is a word or not, but that's what they call it, I pretty much go and make sure veryone gets their papers and make sure no one cheats.)
So all the exams got written, but then it means that I have to mark all the Canada wide exams, which is why I haven't written in a while.
I am going to bed now, but wanted to let everyone know that nothing new is going on.
Wow, this made for good blogging, lol
Good night

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bread and big trucks

Well, Today was a great day. Tiffany, Tami and Tami's 4 boys came over today for a bread baking party, of sorts. It was a lot of fun and we ate some good food, baked 4 loafs of bread and had a good visit. I unfortunaly didn't take any pictures of our baking. But Tami did tell me how to put photo's inbetween the text in my blog, so we'lls ee how that goes, lol.
After they left, Manuk got to play in our neighbors semi truck.

and of course it didn't take him long to figure out where the radio was

After that, we played some music with the band, Manuk is now a member, lol. Then had a good dinner and bath and went to bed early. Manuk was having way too much fun today to have a nap so it was an early bedtime today. Hope it's not too early of a morning, as it is 11:20 and I am still not in bed.
Tomorrow we are going to go to a friends new wool store with Tiffany. Should be fun.
Good ngiht